how to deal with a cat when he or she soiling the house, without punishing him or her

penalize a cat for not using his or her near litter for urine, and soiling the house is not a good solution.will not solve the problem. Because punishment may make the cat remember this negative experience, and avoid the litter box next time. So when you see your cat urine outside the litter box do not rub his or her in his or her urine, or penalize him or her physically, it will be enough to pick up your cat ans say no to him or her and put him or her in the box, instead of punishing him or her because that will not work

An other solution to avoid punishing your cat is using other types of distractions when you see your cat urine spraying. Here are some solution to make your cat use his or her litter box next time, first you need to have a water pistol near to you in order to use it to spray on the cat when you see him or her urinating or spraying in the home corner instead of the litter box, this will make her o him stop his or her action quickly, second you can throw a soft object toward the cat, but pay attention to not throw it on him or her..

Third method is clapping hands without talking in order to stop the action, not to make the cat afraid. You can also use your feet to make noise to stop him or her.

If you use these types of distractions, that will make your cat learn to use his or her litter box next time, instead of doing it on the home corners. Punishment will not be a solution while environmental or behavioral modification to make the litter box for the cat acceptable is the better solution. In addition to that you should clean the dirty areas to remove bad smells.

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