What your cat trying to tell you, understand him or her now

What your cat trying to tell you, how to understand your cat
What your cat trying to tell you, how to understand your cat

Most of people have pets at home, and one of common pets that people love to have at home is cat. Because cats are very cute and lovely creatures that most of us want to have at home. But sometimes our cat try to communicate with us using body language. Which is difficult for us to understand as result we do not understand what our cat try to tell us. So that why we choose to talk about the body language of cat to help you to understand your cat and make his or her message clear for you in order to make your cat happy and comfortable more than ever by applying what he or she wants from you.

1- When your cat is feeling friendly and playful :

watch the ears position: a good indicator is the ears position are indicator to understand your cat desire. and your cat general mood. When the ears pointed forward it that means that the cat feeling friendly. And may be searching for some interaction with you. It can also indicate that she or he is generally interested in what is happening around her or him.

Position of her or his tail : this method is the easiest way to understand your cat  mood. Because erect  tail mean that your cat feel friendly. And when the tail is erect and has curved end over a little and pointed forwards towards her or his head that mean that you cat try to communicate with you. Especially if he or she is meowing at the same moment.

If the cat shape his or her tail in an U-shaped with a curve at the end of the tail that indicate that your cat looking to play with you.

In addition to that it can mean other thing that depend on movements of her or his body. The classic Halloween cat silhouette (if the cat standing on the tips of her or his toes arched back) with u-shaped tail upside down that may mean that your cat is afraid.

Posture : If you cat is stand up and walking around, with his or her head is raised that indicate friendliness, leaning lower or ducked down head. May indicate that he or she has additional negative feelings.

2- stress and Fearful Body Language :

Pressed back ears or sideways : that indicate that your cat is nervous, fearful or anxious.while when they are more flat or less against her head that indicate that your cat is scared or threatened. In addition to that can also indicate aggression or anger .

Eyes : Dilated pupils can express anxious and fearful. Dilated pupils generally indicate that she or he  is not interested in communicate or interacting with you in that moment and you should leave her or him alone. While Constricted pupils indicate feeling aggressive.

The tail : if you cat often tuck her or his tail in close to her or his  body that indicate that he or she is feeling fearful and scared.

Moves : slinking around with her or his body close to the floor. Looking for somewhere to hide sitting facing the wall all behaviors mean that your cat is Anxious and afraid.

3- When your cat feel aggressive :

Fur : standing fur means that your cat feel angry and aggressive. Standing hair in addition to an arched back is a clear message to you which mean stay always of me.

Tail : raised hair, arched back and erect tail these three sign mean negative feeling.

Position of ears : flat and pushed down indicate feeling of  aggression. Flat ears, or flattened more to the sides than pushed back, mean aggression and anger more than fearfulness.

Whiskers : Whiskers pinned back along the cheeks are indicator of aggression. Holding whiskers out of the way so the cat can bite if she he he needs to.

Eyes : Constricted pupils some times mean a relaxed and content cat. Watching without blinking is generally an aggressive step for a cat, because they often staring to each other before they star conflicts.

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