Discover how far this man travel to meet his lost Dog

travel to meet lost Dog , lost Dog

We all know that when we have a pet, he or she becomes one of our family members, we love him or her so much and we can not imagine to lose him or her one day, if that happen somehow we can do anything that we can to find our pet.

For most  dog parents they would go anywhere and drive wherever they had a chance to meet their missing dog. Texas dog dad,never thought that he would meet his beloved, “ Titan ”, after he was stolen from his backyard .

The man was find only the collar and his dog was missing, the dog Titan was stolen, and his dad was devastated. He immediately took social media, visiting shelters in Houston, and never lose hope to find his dog, he keep searching and neever gave up. After over three months, he admits to losing hope of ever seeing his best friend again ….Open next page to learn more.


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