Recognize a Bad Person by a dog is that possible? Science discover interesting thing.

Recognize a Bad Person by a dog

Most people want to have a dog at home to care for, to cuddle, to play with, to run with, to love him or her and love them back too. But dogs in some cases won’t be able to love you back even if you do that, a new study has done by scientists found that dogs can tell if you’re an untrustworthy person or not, and they just might not love you if they find you to be untrustworthy.

Does Dog Know When a person Lying?

As we all know dogs are very intelligent, and able to pick up on accurate, deliberate training techniques, the amount of information a dog is able to discern is mind blowing!. According  to a study that has been conducted in Kyoto University of Japan by Akiko Takaoka… open next page to read more.


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