6 advices for choose the best puppy for upbringing

Choosing the best puppy cute puppy
Choosing the best puppy

Before having a desire to have a puppy or a dog at home, there are many reasons that makes you want to do so like : Companionship, Assistance, Exhibition or show ring, Sport and recreation, Protection or security, and so on. Before choosing your pet you need to take a look at these following advices :

1- the size of the puppy:

The size and where do you live will help you to take a decide, but keep in your mind that a number of puppies have the same activity level as larger dogs, and puppies do not required much space. Also bear in mind that the larger the puppy need more foods,which makes the food bills bigger.

2-the gender of the puppy:

Some people prefer to have a male puppy, while others prefer to have female puppy the gender desire differ from one to another. So what makes male puppies different from female puppies? females are usually a smaller than males. Make sure that the size and power level of your puppy matches that of your children.

3- the kind of coat:

Even if there are many different types of coats. All of them need grooming and almost all will have the problem of hair falling.

In the case that you do not want to maintain a puppy with a long coat that requires daily grooming, then you should buy a puppy with short hair.

For people who suffer from allergies there are a specific breeds that do not shed and are almost allergy free. So do not let allergies be an obstruct between you and puppies.

4- temperament i want in my puppy:

The puppy’s temperament depend on the breed you choose. remember the the reason for which the particular breeds were born. For example, a Working dog, it called also a Gun-dog will be active in mind and body as well, and will need regular occupation and a lot of work, the same as puppies each one have his or her characteristics.

5- can i afford all puppy needs:

you should always keep in mind that the puppy needs can cost a lot, the menu of puppy need can be like the following : food, Possible professional grooming, Veterinary expenses, Council registration, and Equipment.

Your puppy should have had his first vaccination and been treated for worms. At the age of 12 and 16 weeks the puppy will require vaccinating.
we advise you to consult your vet on products available for:
Heartworm prevention, Flea control, and Worming.
These things mentioned can be expensive, but are essential.

6- will this puppy suit my children:

There are some breeds that are great with children but due to their size and power are not suited to smaller children. Some working breeds, with high energy, are far more suited to older children.

make research on the most suitable breed and select the good one for your children, in addition to that you should educate your children on the correct way to socialize with the puppy, especially as it grows into an adult dog, because its needs are changing.


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